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Harnessing the Power of Dreams with Daniel Rekshan, DreamWell CDO

March 08, 2024 Jennifer Hotes / Daniel Rekshan Season 2 Episode 65
Curious Cat
Harnessing the Power of Dreams with Daniel Rekshan, DreamWell CDO
Show Notes

A few weeks back I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Higher Side Chat. This particular episode centered around dreams, one of my lifelong favorite topics, and the guest is my honored guest today. His name is Daniel Rekshan and if you read his resume on INDEED, you might overlook half of his genius, at least. With a bachelors' from St. John's, a Master's in East-West Psych from California Institute of Integral Studies, he's a certified hypnotherapist, but then things get truly interesting. He is an artist. He has a certificate in quantum healing, is chief dream officer of DreamWell and finally, he is deeply involved with DSETI. (Dream Study/Search for ET Intelligence)

I'm grateful to have him on the show today.

Guest Links: (Daniel's FANTASTIC app - try a week FREE)

D* (Dream Study/Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

 Daniel Rekshan on YouTube (Great lectures!)

Book of Galactic Light: Liber Lux Galactica by Daniel Rekshan

Missing Time Found: Don't worry, it's just a dream: A new and old hypothesis regarding ET and UFO associated missing time by Daniel Rekshan

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